Yayoi Shwael
Yayoi Shwael
Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:)

(English:) Chie Nakamura

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Core Robot Pilot, Combat Instructor, School Teacher
Relatives Dual! series: Reika Nanjoin (Grandmother)

Yayoi Schwael is a main character in "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure." Yayoi was the original pilot of the white Core Robot for the Earth Defense Force.


Yayoi is the original pilot of "Hartzenen," the white Core robot. Kazuki Yotsuga climbed into Hartzenen and took control, saving Yayoi's life during an attack. After suffering a serious head injury due to the battle, Yayoi experienced nerual feedback, effectively cutting off her connection to robots and thus ending her career as a pilot. Because of her injury, her long hair was shortened to almost a buzz cut. She refers to Kazuki as "her prince," and falls in love with him. Yayoi goes to great lengths to spend time with Kazuki, signing up to be his combat instructor and school teacher, and even moving in next door to the Sanada home and building a door into Kazuki's room. Her grandmother, Mrs. Nanjoin, another member of the E.D.F, tried to arrange a marriage for Yayoi to another man (due in part to Mitsuki), but her affections for Kazuki where too strong for her to even pay attention to the would-be suitor.

When Zinv was destroyed and the two parralel worlds merged, Yayoi became Kazuki's homeroom teacher and lives next door to the Sanada home, entering through Kazuki's window every morning.


  • Yayoi would eventually, after death, reincarnate into a woman who took the nickname 'Widow,' and later, become reincarnated into Fuku.

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