Although she only appeared in one episode, Vega was a prominent figure in Amane's life. Originally a minor model, the buxom Vega spared no effort making Amane's life miserable, and only gained supermodel status after Amane retired to become a Galaxy Police officer. By the time Amane's parents coaxed their daughter back to the runways for a Galaxy Police fashion show, Vega couldn't wait to once again get in her digs on her former rival, making snide references to Amane's age. As tempted as Amane was to clobber her, she kept her cool and with Seina (and secretly Kiriko and Ryoko) rooting for her, she was able to upstage her when the fashion show included a live-fire demonstration of new battle gear. Not willing to be outclassed by her old rival, Vega stupidly tried her hand at the same, even though she had no G.P. training to begin with - and as a result failed miserably!

Voice Actors

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