A lot of Tenchi fans who aren't as into the fandom as others seem to be confused about the various universes/or continuites within the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki -

The OFFICIAL continuity panned out by Masaki Kajishima, series creator/original character designer.

  • OVA 1, OVA 2, OVA 3
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP
  • Saint Knight's Tale ( Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari)
  • The True Tenchi Muyo (Shin Tenchi Muyo) Novels: Jurai, Yosho, and Washu.
  • The various doujinshis put out by Masaki Kajishima

Negishi Canon (Tenchi Universe/Tenchi TV1)

A complete retelling of the Tenchi Muyo! series and a reintroduction of its main characters in an alternate universe/storyline with new backgrounds and the inclusion of Galaxy Police officer Kiyone.

  • Tenchi Universe
  • Tenchi Muyo! in Love (Movie)
  • Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2/Tenchi! Forever/Tenchi Muyoin Love: Eternal Memory (Movie)

Tenchi in Tokyo (Shin Tenchi Muyo!/ Tenchi TV2)

Another complete retelling of the Tenchi Muyo! series with new character backgrounds, new storyline, and some new personality and animation changes.

Tenchi Muyo! Daughter of Darkness

The second Tenchi movie, takes place in its own standalone continuity being a mixture of OVA and Universe with the inclusion of the Light Hawk Wings (not to mention the floating hot spring) and Officer Kiyone.

The Manga

The Tenchi manga consists of two series written by Hitoshi Okuda: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki and Shin Tenchi Muyo! (which has no connection to the aforementioned Shin Tenchi Muyo TV series). They have been released in English as No Need for Tenchi and The All-New Tenchi Muyo!. It is based on OVA series 1 and 2. Since the manga originally began in Japan before the release of OVA 2, the OVA 2 elements are not introduced immediately at the beginning.

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