Ulyte Mest
Continuity (War on Geminar)
Voice Actors (Japanese)
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
(English) J. Micheal Tatum
Gender Male
Species Artificial Human
Occupation Seikishi

Ulyte Mest is Dagmeyr's uncle, Babalun's younger brother, and one of the most popular instructors within the Academy.


Ulyte seems to have a different intent for invading the Holy Land than his older brother. It's later revealed that he is in fact a part of Rea Second/Neizai One. Rea explained to Kenchi that she was an Artificial human like Doll and had been secretly working against Lord Babalun the entire time.

Rea then revealed that a Core Crystal was placed inside Ulyte by his father when he was young and his body changed when Rea's awareness became stronger. He uses the device Rea stole from the Barrier Workshop, which erased Core Crystal data, against Babalun, who also had a Core Crystal inside him. However, the Core Crystal took its toll on Ulyte's body and it finally gave out and he merged with Rea.

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