The broadcast dates shown are taken from the original TV Tokyo broadcasts.

Earth Adventure (Episodes 1-10)

Tenchi Masaki was just a normal teenager leading a normal, quiet life, until his entire existence was turned upside down by the arrival of Ryoko, a girl from outer space. After claiming to be on the run from a vicious space pirate, Ryoko asks Tenchi for help, and pretty soon he is caught up in the middle of a battle that may turn out to be only the beginning of his adventures…

On her way back to planet Jurai, Princess Ayeka decides to stop off on Earth in response to a distress call sent by Mihoshi. However, she is none too pleased to discover that her old rival Ryoko is also on Earth, and soon the sparks are flying! Will Ayeka be able to enjoy a peaceful stop on Earth despite Ryoko's presence, and just how will Ryoko react to Tenchi's spending time with their new visitor? Whatever happens, it seems likely that poor Tenchi will get caught in the middle yet again…

When her younger sister Sasami arrives to take her back to Jurai, Ayeka is disappointed to realize that this means her vacation on Earth is almost over- and just as she was starting to get closer to Tenchi! Meanwhile, Ryoko tries to become a full member of the family by showing up with an egg that she claims is her child by Tenchi.

Time and Space Adventures (Episodes 11-13)

These episodes are an adaptation of the drama CD, Tenchi Muyo! Special: Creation of the Universe Journey across Space-Time, with the exception of Ayeka's tale, which was created for episode 11. The latter tale was supposed to be on the aforementioned CD, but was cut out due to time constraints.

Space Adventure (Episodes 14-26)

Following the conclusion of the final episode, a "Special Report" teaser trailer was shown for the then-upcoming Tenchi Universe movie, Tenchi Muyo! in Love. The teaser trailer can be found on the Tenchi Muyo! in Love DVD.

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