01"The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids" Shiro to Kuro no Seikijin" (白と黒の聖機人)

02"To the Holy Land" "Seichi e" (聖地へ)

03"He Who Must Work......" "Hatarakazaru mono......" (働かざる者・・・・・・)

04"Pendant""Pendanto" (ペンダント)

05"To Be Chased and Pursued" "Oware Oware te" (追われ追われて)

06"Vacation""Bakansu" (バカンス)

07"Competitive Sports Tournament" "Kyōbu Taikai" (競武大会)08"Invasion" "Shūrai" (襲来)

09"Expectations" "Omowaku" (思惑)

10"Home" "Ie" (家)

11"Barrier Workshop" "Kekkai Kōbo" (結界工房)

12"Fruition" "Ketsujitsu" (結実)

13"Gaia" (ガイア)

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