Seize the Day Episode 1

Invasion Episode 2

The Devil Princess of Jurai Episode 3

True Love, Truly Painful Episode 4

Seeing is Believing Episode 5

First Tests Episode 6

Moving In Episode 7

Meet the Parents Episode 8

A Stormy Voyage Episode 9

Baptism Episode 10

First Paychecks Episode 11

The Vengeful and the Wounded Episode 12

Old Reveals and New Deals Episode 13

Neju Who? Episode 14

Runaway Fuku Episode 15

Homecoming Episode 16

Getting Reacquainted Episode 17

The Prince Of Fortune Episode 18

Seiryo Attacks Episode 19

Beware The Unko! Episode 20

Reckoning Episode 21

Duel Episode 22

Pursuit Episode 23

Parallel Episode 24

Graduation Episode 25

Final Engagement Episode 26

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