Tenchi series:
Katsuhito Masaki (grandfather)
Nobuyuki Masaki (father)
Kiyone Masaki (mother, deceased. OVA)
Achika Masaki (mother, deceased, Universe & Tokyo)
Mayuka Masaki (genetic daughter, Darkness)
Noike Jurai (guardian and adoptive great-great aunt, OVA)
Rea Masaki (step-mother, OVA)
Tennyo Masaki (sister, OVA)
Kazumi the Older (grandmother, deceased, OVA)
Airi Masaki (grandmother, OVA)
Minaho Masaki (aunt, OVA)
Azusa Masaki Jurai (great-grandfather, OVA)
Funaho Jurai (great-grandmother, OVA)
Misaki Jurai (second great-grandmother, OVA)
Sasami Masaki Jurai (great aunt, OVA; distant relative, Universe)
Ayeka Masaki Jurai (great aunt, OVA; distant relative, Universe)
Seto Kamiki Jurai (great-great-step-grandmother, OVA)
Kenshi Masaki (half-brother, OVA/Geminar)

Seina Yamada (distant cousin/GXP)

Sasami series:
Sasami Kawai (sister, Sammy)
Chihiro Kawai (mother, Sammy)

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