Powers and abilities

Powers and Abilities


Tenchi in battlesuit with Sword Tenchi

Tenchi is the most powerful character in the series, but is too young and immature to have full control over his power. He is a competent swordsman and martial artist, trained by his grandpa, and in the first episode he gains possession of a Master Key also known as Sword Tenchi (Tenchi-ken), that can form a lightsaber-like blade.

During the battle with Kagato, Tenchi receives a special ring from Tsunami that can create a Juraian battlesuit for him. Additionally, Tenchi is capable of superhuman feats thanks to his Juraian blood but has only displayed his more unusual talents during dire situations, such as his duel with Kagato, the escape from a black hole during the battle with Dr. Clay, and the confrontation with Z.


Tenchi using material metamorphosis with his LHWs.

Besides his very special power of generating Light Hawk Wings, Tenchi is able to transform this pure energy into matter, usually in the form of a sword, a shield, and battle clothing.
Tenchi Light Hawkwings

Tenchi's LHWs

In the final battle of OVA 3, Tenchi discovers that Light Hawk Wings are the manifestation of godly power in this dimension. The extent of Tenchi's powers is unknown. At one point they rage out of control, forcing the Chousin goddesses to step in and prevent a catastrophe. In the new "altered" timeline, when Noike secretly fired the Choubimaru's cannon to collide with the Earth, again to preserve her future, Tenchi projects his Light Hawk Wings to stop it, a total of six wings, rather than the usual three wings he limited himself to before the event.

351337-god super

Tenchi talking to "Kami Tenchi."

Tenchi is revealed to be the higher power that the Chousin have been searching for since before the beginning of time, though much else has yet to be explained. During the conflict with Z, Tenchi hatches from his mortal shell which causes him pain as he was not yet ready to ascend to higher dimensions. However, Tenchi, in his godly state, is able to calm himself down before he accidentally destroyed everything.

Airi notes in GXP, that Tenchi has several powers they haven't discovered yet - some examples include his instant teleportation off the planet when Z destroys much of the Earth, his speedy teleportation to Saturn when Z is about to slice him with his Light Hawk Wings, his traveling back in time after being cut in half by Z, (as well as after stopping the Chobimaru from destroying Earth during the new altered timeline), and his ability to keep up with his friend Seina in a foot race despite Seina having drastic body enhancements and going downhill on a bicycle.

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