(Perhaps someone move that to another place?) Yes the japanese kana say 'Kozuka Washu' 'Hakubi Washu' etc

For translation, you can paste kana into

Japanese naming put the order surname - given name. So it's Hakubi Washu.

Anything in Japan is spelled an written that way. Whnever foreigners revert the order to 'western style' they create confusion. I would also consider if leaving the native ways isn't also demonstrating respect. In that respect i like to add that anime translations, like english versions, lack up to 50% of the original sense and meaning, which is a pity. But many cultural hints and jokes simply can not be translated in few words, or at all.

In Tenchi Muyo it's fascinating how they play with familiar terms like 'onii-chan', 'san', 'sama', and more. (For example, why is Sasami calling Tenchi, in child spec, 'older brother'. Ayeka never does. Think about it.)

Japanese has at some dozens of terms to express personal relations, english, in comparison, has nearly none. Plus there are various formal and informal words and ways of speaking which also determine the relations. How could you ever translate the connotations and deep meaning behind it.

So, much of the humor gets lost up to the point where you can't understand stories w/o a japanese native explaining. Which means, western folks sometimes are watching a different, much more plain and simple movie, and they never notice. They are used to Disney and they don't expect any depth. But if you try and dive into japanese culture, you will discover a fascinating and really advanced world.

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