This paragraph makes absolutely no sense:

"For comparison, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an Omniverse as having four spatiotemporal dimensions, which together with three spatial dimensions makes only seven dimensions in total. It would logically literally be less than nothing compared to the Chousin."

Spatiotemporal dimensons include temporal dimensions... it's even right in the name "SPATIO-temporal."  Adding the "spatiotemporal" just means the classic 3 dimensions plus time, and treating "spatiotemporal" dimensions as separate dimensions and adding them to the spatial dimensions to get 7 dimemsions would be adding height+width+depth+time+heigth+width+depth, counting the 3 spatial dimensions twice.  ("Spatio" means space and "temporal" means time.) 

All the Merriam-Webster dictionary is doing is stating that an omniverse is a universe defined by the usual 4 dimensions.

And why would this make a 7 dimensional universe "literally less than nothing" compared to the Chousin?

It's ludicrous.

Who wrote this thing?  I have editied it to make sense, explaining that our universe has 4 dimensions and the existance of higher dimensions is a subject of scientific inquiry..

RyokoMocha (talk) 22:53, April 30, 2014 (UTC)

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