Shitoreiyu Empire (シトレイユ皇国Shitoreiyu-kōkoku?)
The home country of Lashara and Chiaia prior to moving to the Holy Land Academy in the Holy Land. Shitoreiyu lacks some technological advances, as quoted by Maria, so it relies on using the technologies of other countries such as Havoniwa. It is also the place where the Seikishin and Doll were unearthed. Shitoreiyu's past ruler was Koyo Earth, Lashara's father, but after Koyo died, Lashara became his successor. However, Lashara slowly loses her position of power to Babalun after his promotion to Prime Minister. The Holy Land Academy was built upon land that was originally part of Shitoreiyu but after Gaia and Doll were unearthed, it was put under the Church's management to properly manage them.