For Sasami Masaki Jurai, the original Tenchi Muyo! character, see Sasami.

Sasami Iwakura

Sasami Iwakura

Voice Actors
Mana Ogawa (Japanese)
Alison Viktorin (English).

Sasami Iwakura is the lead character from the spin-off series Sasami: Magical Girls Club. She is a bubbly girl who has magical powers which she uses only in secret. That is because she is forbidden by her parents to use it. What she doesn't know is that her father Ginji is a native of the magical world, and only forbids the use of her powers out of love and protection.
It is only when her cooking teacher Washu discovered her magical powers that they are to be of use. Except for the absence of freckles and the triangular mark on her forehead, she looks similar to her meta-series counterpart.

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