The Rara Army was formed by Hiroshi Rara, intending to unite the world under its banner.


Lord - Hiroshi Rara (formerly;)

Queen - Ayuko Rara (formerly;)

Mascot (formerly;) - Mitsuki Rara


Like the EDF, it uses robots in battle rather than conventional weapons, but its machines are exotic and beastly, differing from its rival's humanoid robots. Rara's robots are also remotely operated, unlike the Earth Defense Force's cockpit-equipped models.


While not technology per-say, the alien that advises Ayuko Rara. It has some relationship to D, and hates men with a passion. Kumu resembles a floating, glowing bell and garland. When Zinv is destroyed and the worlds merge, Kumu is the name of a puppy that is given to the Sanada family by Ayuko Rara in the hopes of finding out information about Zinv. The name fits: while it loves the girls in the house, Kazuki gets a severe bite whenever he comes near.


Zinv's opposite, Himiko carved a swath of ruin across D's world before she escaped. It seems as though only people with negative emotions in their hearts can control Himiko, as evidenced by its initial rejection of Mitsuki Rara, and its violent reaction to Mitsuki Sanada's jealousy. Himiko has some connection to the alien lifeform Kumu.
Himiko is completely and totally destroyed at the hands of Zinv, compressed down to nothing to prevent it from regenerating.

The Original

A mech under the control of the Rara army, it has the power to control the atmosphere as well as some electromagnetic capabilities. It captures Kazuki along with Hartzenen and brings them to Rara's base where it falls off a large cliff, supposedly destroying it beyond repair. The Original and Zinv are the only mechs confirmed to be found in The Artifact.


Rara prefers to operate outlandishly, broadcasting attack trailers and boasting of his army's God-given power (often through his mascot, Miss Ra). However, despite General Rara's highly visible status within the organization, another person wields the real authority.


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