The Rampaging demons are four different types of demons

that were summoned by Yugi, in order to kill Tenchi and Katsuhito.

The four demons are all male, but they are all have different appearace.

The first demon that wears blue Shinto priest robes while holding a fan. His normal human faced sometimes changed to a red almost skelaton face whith eyes sticking out a bit further.

The second demon appears as a man that only wears red shorts, and red shoes, who most of the time sheds tears. His weapon is an axe which he usually spins around in circles.

The third is a man with gray spkiy hair wearing brown clothing. He has a whip that he uses as a weapon, and a high pitch voice. He have red paint circles around his eyes

The fourth and last demon is a giant like troll beast. That has a yellow lone cloth. He is the biggest and is the brute force of the four and he uses a giant wooden club as a weapon. He has hair on his head and yellow eys and green skin. His chest to stomach is also skinny.

The demons appeared in episode 1 of Tenchi in Tokyo as they tried to kill Tenchi and his grandpa. Just as they are about to do it. The girls, appeared from a portal that Washu created. After Katsuhito tells the girls that the demons were trying to kill them they prepared to attack them. Ryoko first punches the shinto priest demon before getting attack by the demons holding the axe and whip, but Ryoko easily managed to take them out too. The troll demon was all that's left to stand as he prepared to killed Tenchi and Katsuhito, Ayeka steps in and used her power to make a barrier which result in the club being broking. Ryo-Ohki turned into her mecha form with Sasami jumping in her to act as the pilot. Ryo-Ohki and the troll have a brief hand lock stuggled before the troll is knocked down. Washu came back from the portal with her home made sake which she believes that it could stop the demons. She throw it up in the air and Mihoshi tried to shoot it open, but missed. Kiyone then took over and managed to caused the sake to rain down on the demons which caused them to be defeated. Katsuhito found money from what's left after the battle and thought that all four spirits were spirits of greed.

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