Continuity Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

Magical Project S

Voice Actors Maya Okamoto
Nicknames None
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Juraian
Occupation None
Relatives Rumiya (younger brother)

Tsunami (cousin)

Ramia (裸魅亜) is a fictional character who is a major villain in the Pretty Sammy series.


Project S

In both OVA and TV series, she is a Queen candidate for the throne of the magical realm of Juraihelm but is passed over in favor of Tsunami. Ramia, who has an arrogant personality, is jealous of Tsunami and attempts to interfere with the deliberations by trying to defeat Tsunami's champion, Pretty Sammy. She sends her brother Rumiya to Earth in order to transform Misao Amano into Ramia's own champion, Pixy Misa. Pixy Misa is supposed to stir up chaos and cause Sammy to fail, allowing Ramia to become Queen after Tsunami loses her test. However, Misa often fails miserably in the plans she carries out. Tsunami is for the most part genuinely unaware of Ramia's part in the plot and is very friendly towards her

In the end, it is assumed that Ramia is at peace with the situation of not becoming Queen.

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