Naua Furan (ナウア・フラン?)


Naua Furan

Naua is Chiaia's father and a member of the Barrier Workshop. He was the one who found the Seikishin Gaia and Doll in the ruins of what once was the home of the Senshi Cizilization, a highly advanced people prior to Chiaia's birth. Upon finding Doll in the ruins, he adopted her as Mexiah, who would later be Chiaia's adoptive sister.
When Kenshi and the rest of the Swan's crew come to visit, he reveals the history of the Senshi Civilization, Gaia, and how Doll came into being. He and his team get the results to show that Kenshi is the legendary warrior and the third artificial human (with a few enhancements).

Voice credits

  • JAPANESE - Kenji Takahashi
  • ENGLISH - not yet released

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