Morga was Student Council President before Lithia, who is now a knight for the Tribble Kingdom. She only makes a brief appearance in the anime, but it is hinted that she and Lithia are not on good terms.


Morga was shown to be a strong-headed and reckless Seikishi who obliterates anything in her path, regardless of friend or foe. Her Seikijin is red and black, and she uses a pair of axes to fight. Lithia states that, while Morga is a skilled fighter, she lacks the ability to work as a member of a team. She is also very informed about the events that happen in the Holy Land, knowing that Kenshi is a Seikishi, and from a different world, even though she is no longer a student of the Holy Land Academy.

In the battle for the Holy Land, she destroyed both the enemies Seikijin and her allies Seikijin, and after seeing Kenshi in action in the battle with the Seikishin Gaia, she went along with all the other female Seikishi there to marry him.


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