Mizune Masaki
Continuity Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki
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Age 700 years
Gender female
Species Jurain
Occupation Lady-in-Waiting for Lady Seto
Relatives Kasumi Masaki Great-Grandmother
Katsuhito Masaki Great-Grandfather
Mizune Masaki is a member of Masaki Village, and a distant cousin of Tenchi Masaki.


Mizune is a native of Masaki Village, the great-granddaughter of Yosho and his wife Kasumi. At some point she left Earth and joined the staff of Lady Seto, becoming one of her ladies-in-waiting, but returns to the Village at times. In fact, was living there when Kiyone and Nobuyuki met.

Mizune has returned to Earth to visit regularly enough that her cousin, Kai, recognized her immediately. She is also friendly with Seina, though she has been ordered to have no contact with him by Lady Seto, at least until his graduation.

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