Misao Amano

Misao(bottom) and her Alter Ego Pixy Misa(top)

Continuity Magical Project S

Pretty Sammy OVA

Voice Actors Rumi Kasahara
Nicknames Pixy Misa
Age 10
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student

Ramia's servant (as Pixy Misa)

Relatives Father

Misao Amano  (天野 美紗緒 Amane Misao) is Sasami's friend and Pixy Misa's alter-ego in the Pretty Sammy series.


Magical Project S

Misao Amano is Sasami Kawai's best friend. A kind, soft-spoken, and rather shy girl, she tends to take a passive role, quietly following and watching the more energetic Sasami. Misao has a weak constitution and is not athletically skilled, a fact which became a plot point in one episode. She is, however, a talented musician, able to compose music as well as play the piano; in this respect, she takes after her father, Shigeki, a world-famous composer.

Misao normally maintains a cheerful if quiet attitude in Sasami's presence. When she is alone, however, she is often unhappy and lonely, thanks to her family situation. Her father had left the family on an extended overseas tour and effectively disappeared, while her mother often works late. As a result, she does not often see either parent. Later in the series, Pretty Sammy helps Misao reunite with her father, and Misao becomes more genuinely happy as a result. Ramia sends her brother Rumiya to Earth with instructions to find a girl who can become her own champion and interfere with Pretty Sammy's efforts. Rumiya, in the shape of a parrot, chooses Misao, transforming her into the magical girl Pixy Misa. While Ramia regards Misao as a tool, Rumiya develops sympathy and affection for her.

In stark contrast to Misao's gentle and soft-spoken personality, Pixy Misa is brash and confident to the point of arrogance. She is excitable, has an exaggerated sense of the dramatic, and is given to flashy entrances. Like Misao, however, she suffers from physical weakness and a lack of stamina. Rumiya remarks at one point that Pixy Misa expresses all of the repressed aspects of Misao's personality.

As a speech affectation, Pixy Misa's dialogue is liberally sprinkled with Engrish words. In the dubbed English translation, French words are used to the same effect.

Misao does not remember her time as Pixy Misa. But in Magical Project S (Pretty Sammy TV), until near the end of the series, she is not even aware of her alternate identity. When she learns the fact, and at the same time discovers that Sasami is Pretty Sammy, she is wracked with guilt, though Sasami forgives her. Later, when another threat arises that is caused by Romio and Pretty Sammy needs help, she actively seeks out Rumiya and begs him to transform her once more so that she can offer assistance. Rumiya does so, and Pixy Misa fights alongside her former rival.
Pixy Misa

Misao as Pixy Misa

Other appearances

Misao has made a cameo appearance in the final OVA of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure) and is a main character in the series Battle Programer Shirase in which she is the main character's great-niece.

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