Lithia Po Chiina
Continuity OVA (War on Geminar)
Voice Actors (Japanese)
Kana Ōmura
Caitlin Glass
Nicknames None
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human (Geminari)
Occupation Seikishi
Student Council President
Relatives Pope of Geminar (grandfather)
Lithia Po Chiina (リチア・ポ・チーナ Richia Po Chīna?)

Lithia is the granddaughter of the Pope of Geminar and President of Holy Land Academy's Student Council. She is a bitter and sarcastic woman who often thinks of Kenshi as a "wild animal" (野生動物 Yasei Dōbutsu?) even when they first met, and after the massage that was given to her by him (courtesy of Mexiah), she referred to him as that ever since.


She suffers from extreme stress from the intense amount of work she has, and tends to pass out when she's overworked and this makes her close friend and assistant Lapis very concerned about her health. However, she begins to feel more relaxed after Kenshi gave her energy-increasing tea that he made, though her sarcastic nature still remains. She also seems to fear Morga, the former Student Council President because she does not work well with others and she is also a lunatic. She is also very understanding about Hazuki and Ceres' relationship and agreed with the other girls to let them escape.

Only in the last few episodes, although she still refers to Kenshi as a "wild animal", it is shown that she gets flustered around him, hinting she may also have feelings for him. This is proven true after she said she wanted his marriage rights and this unintentionally started a stampede of girls that also wanted his marriage rights after the battle for the Holy Land.