Lashara Aasu
Continuity OVA (War on Geminar)
Voice Actors (Japanese:)
Madoka Yonezawa
Jad Saxton
Nicknames None
Age 12
Gender Female
Species Human (Geminari)
Occupation Queen
Relatives Maria Nanadan (cousin)
Flora Nanadan (aunt)

Lashara Aaso (ラシャラ・アース 二十八世, Aaso Lashara), also known as Lashara Earth XXVIII, is one of the protagonists from the Tenchi Muyo! spin off, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar.


Lashara Aasu is a 12-year-old princess from the Shitoreiyu Empire. The sudden death of her father Koyo Earth, the Emperor, made her the successor to the throne at a young age. Dagmeyr later tried to manipulate Kenshi into assassinating Lashara to help facilitate his father's attempt to conquer all of Geminar, but Kenshi failed to kill her. Thankfully, Lashara decided to make Kenshi a servent of hers, leading to his attending the Holy Land Academy as a student in the Holy Land along with Chiana and her three other servants Maya, Angela, and Vanessa. Despite her youthful looks, she is also extremely skilled at diplomacy, strategy, tactical maneuvering and, at certain times, espionage. She also has a weakness when it comes to money.


Lashara is shown to be a very precocious, yet mischievous girl. She is implied to have feelings for Kenshi, which she expresses when she cries and begs him not to leave her. She is also shown to get visibly upset when she thinks someone else is trying to take Kenshi away from her. 



  • She shares a first name with Princess Lashara Moon from Photon: The Idiot Adventures, another anime created by Masaki Kajishima. Though a royal title in this show, the surname "Earth" is the surname of Photon, the main character of that show.
  • She shares the name Lashara with many other anime princesses, which might suggest that it is a regal name in Japan.

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