Lapis Lars
Continuity OVA (War on Geminar)
Voice Actors (Japanese)
Hiromi Konno
Alexis Tipton
Nicknames None
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Seikishi
Relatives Unknown

Lapis Lars (ラピス・ラーズ Rapisu Rāzu)

A student at Holy Land Academy in the Holy Land and Lithia's assistant. It is shown that she has feelings for Kenshi.
Kenshi initially meets Lapis through Princess Aura. Lapis' handkerchief, given to her by her mother, was thrown over a cliffside by bullies and was stuck there. Aura learned of the incident and was looking for a staff member for help when she encountered Kenshi. Using the vines and various handholds and footholds, Kenshi retrieves Lapis' handkerchief with ease, and then returns to work. This bullying is briefly shown later in the series.
Later, Kenshi meets Lapis again when she is told to show him around the school on his first day after enrollment. Lapis is showing Kenshi the upperclassman's building when a group of four upperclassman approached them, intending to kick the pair of underclassman out. It is not until they realized that one of the two is Kenshi before their attitude toward them lightens.
Lapis also becomes Kenshi's classmate.
Her Seikijin's color is yellow and it has a large white fluffy tail and uses a spear for combat. 

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