King Balta with his great-granddaughter

King Balta is a minor character of Tenchi Muyo! GXP.


He is the great-grandfather of Ryoko Balta and was the Commander of the autonomous Balta Guild. After The Balta Guild was approved to join the Galactic Union as the Balta Kingdom, The Commander became King.


His first appearance is in Episode 13, where he appears as a hologram to speak to Ryoko about joining hin in the Kingdom, only to be turned down, as she has decided to stay with Seina. He then suggests Seina and Ryoko marry and come to the Kingdom together, but this idea is immediately opposed by Amane, Kiriko and Seto. He is concerned because this leaves him without an heir, so Ryoko suggests he produces another heir on his own. He then offers the opportunity to help him do so to Amane and Kiriko, much to their displeasure.

He also has a cameo in the series finale where he attends Seina and the girls' wedding.


  • During his first appearence, he contacted the group via holo communication as shown he attempted to embrace his Grand daughter. Oddly, Amane and Kiriko manage to physically slap him and expressed how painful it was, despite being a hologram.