Kikkoujin are four-legged mechanoids resembling Tachikomas that are powered by steam instead of Ahou.


Invented by Wahanly originally made for construction, Kikkoujin provide much greater maneuverability than what a Seikijin provides and can be equipped with various gunpowder weapons, though it will hamper its high maneuverability. It is also proven to be more efficient than Seikijin without Ena's Draft. They are also known as mechaworkers in the English version of War on Geminar.

In episode 12, Lan and her group of bandits are seen with gray Kikkoujin attacking Chiaia and Aura while Kenshi is compressing the rock used to form the Tenchi-ken, most likely based on the plans Emera stole from Wahanly's workshop in episode 4.


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