This article focuses on the father of Emperor Azusa Masaki Jurai. For the protagonist of "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure", see Kazuki Yotsuga (Dual!)

Kazuki Yotsuga
Continuity Tenchi Muyo! GXP
Voice Actors (Japanese:) Takayuki Yamaguchi

(English:) Jeremiah Freedman

Age 16 years old/Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Galaxy Police
Relatives Tenchi Muyo! GXP series: Wife Amame Masaki, Son Azusa Masaki Jurai

Kazuki Yotsuga is the husband of Amame Masaki and the father of Azusa Masaki Jurai.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Nothing is known about his early life, but he joined the Galaxy Police and was assigned to Jurai. Custom on Jurai said that an incoming cadet go through a staged trial, by which they save a girl from a group of drunks. When Kazuki arrived, he saw a young woman being assaulted by drunk men and went to rescue her. However, this was not the custom event, as Amame quickly realizes and moves in to save him. Afterwards, she asks why he did not have his gun, to which he answered that he didn't want to risk shooting anyone. Amame then decides to train him in Juraian martial arts, and soon falls in love with him. Once his tour of duty is over, Amame decides to marry him, at the cost of her royal status. They went off together and had a son, Azusa. He and his wife appeared briefly in Tenchi Muyo! GXP and in the fourth OVA.


  • Kazuki shares his name with the main character of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, another series set within the Tenchi Muyo canon. Whether this means that they are parallel counterparts to each other has not been revealed.