Kanemitsu Hirata

Kanemitsu Hirata, like Minaho, works as an advisor to Lady Lady Seto. A member of the Juraian army, the "Navel Commander of the 7th Armada", Hirata is also a citizen of Earth, just like Seina. He's possible related to the branch of the Masaki clan on Earth, as Minaho once addresses him as 'uncle' (but this may have just been used by her as a term of affection). He also a contempory of Airi Masaki and Prince Yosho Masaki Jurai, having attended Galactic Academy along with them. He is also married.

First seen in episode 3, "The Devil Princess of Jurai", of GXP, where is introduced to Seina Yamada, along with Minaho Masaki and Lady Seto. In episode 22, "Duel", he is charged by Lady Seto with 'training' Seida for his up-coming duel with Seiryo Tennan (in actuality, there was no way that this could be done in a day or so, and his orders were actually to make sure Seida didn't get stressed-out). Kanemitsu also 'interpreted' this to mean to take Seina out for an evening of "wine and women", only to foiled out of such an evening by Minaho, who was escorting Kazuki Yotsuga and Amame Masaki Jurai (the parents of Azusa Masaki Jurai, the Emperor of Jurai) around town, and informed Kanemitsu that Lady Seto's orders included no alcohol and women (and threatened to tell on him to his wife when he complained). With his preferred plans for the evening scrapped, a disappointed-Kanemitsu took Seina to a bathing house to relax there instead.

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