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Kami Tenchi talking to Tenchi Masaki

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"Kami Tenchi" (神 天地, God of Heaven and Earth) is the omnipotent God of the official Tenchi Muyo! continuity.


As a supreme hyper-dimensional being, he is several degrees of infinity above and beyond even the female exclusive hyper-dimensional Chousin, who in turn are degrees of infinity above all of 22-dimensional space.

(For comparison, according to M-Theory a multiverse only consists of a 5-dimensional collection of 4-dimensional universal branes, so 22-dimensional space exceeds multiversal scale by infinity raised to the power of 17.)

The whole purpose of creation is the search for this higher power conducted by the Chousin. Tenchi Masaki is the incarnation of this "God", which is why he has the ability to create Light Hawk Wings by his own power, as well as his other mysterious abilities. He is the only being who can truly stop the Counter-Actor.

In OVA 3, after Tenchi is sliced in half by Z, the only other person

Tenchi's godly self ascending and nearly destroying all the 22 dimensions.

besides Tenchi who can produce Light Hawk Wings (as a result of Chousin Tokimi's interference), his power erupts from inside himself, and almost automatically destroys all of existence. Tenchi hatches out of his mortal shell, causing him great pain because he was not ready to ascend to a higher dimension yet. However, Tenchi, in his godly state, is able to calm himself down, reminding him what he lives and fights for (his girls/family).

Kami Tenchi then proceeds to calm down the raging Counter-Actor, kisses her resulting in its power receding, and vanishes out of sight with her.

Voice Actors

  • JAPANESE - Masami Kikuchi (菊池 正美)
  • ENGLISH - Matt K. Miller (a.k.a. Kermit Miller)

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