Hiroshi Rara
Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:) Kenichi Ogata

(English:) G. Gordon Baer

Age 49 years old
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Would-be World Conqueror
Relatives Dual! series: Wife Ayuko Rara, Daughter Mitsuki Rara

Hiroshi Rara is a character in the OVA of (Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure). In world A, Dr. Hiroshi Rara is a Nobel Prize winning scientist. In world B he tried using alien technology in order to take over the planet.

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

In the parallel world, he was the one who started the war in the first place, transforming himself into a messiah-like figure.

Later on, in the bizarre scene where Kazuki actually has dinner with the Rara family while recovering from injuries, the General reveals a softer side of himself; he believes that the war is about keeping the alien technology out of the wrong hands. However, it quickly becomes clear that Rara is simply a figurehead, with his wife wielding the real power Ayuko. He "Redeems" himself, however, when Kazuki attacks their base, and gets everyone out before it gets destroyed.

When Zinv is destroyed and the worlds merge, Rara and Ayuko move in next door to the Sanadas, hoping to corral Kazuki into revealing the secret of his connection to Zinv. When Zinv returns he and Sanada make peace and decide to use Zinv as a means of exploring outer space.

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