Emera is a young woman who acts as Dagmeyr's right-hand man and a student of Holy Land Academy in the Holy Land.


Emera has feelings for Dagmeyr and appears to be more skilled than he is at close combat (Kenshi said she was close to Chiaia's level), as she managed to save him from some falling rubble while Kenshi (with Mexiah in his arms) was escaping from Wahanly's Kikkoujin prototype with Lithia, Aura, Chiaia, Maria, and Yukine on board, and again from near-death during Kenshi's rampage in his Seikijin. She later begins to show feelings of concern towards Dagmyer as the war progresses.

During her time at the Holy Land Academy, it seems she has somewhat of a rivalry with Chiaia for Dagmeyr's affection. Though both girls have feelings for him (or in Chiaia's case, had), neither gets into a heated conflict with the other over it, unlike when girls fight over Kenshi.

As the war starts and progresses, she stays Dagmeyr and does what she can to support him, eventually becoming concerned for him as he takes drastic actions to try and get rid of Kenshi, like using Ceres as bait to lure him in and blow them both up with a bomb attached to Ceres's back, and when he becomes terrified after seeing Kenshi go on a rampage.

At the end she kills Lan, who attempted to kill Dagmyer.

Her Seikijin is a red and white model equipped with a gunblade.


She regards Kenshi as someone who is kind and thankful to him to help Dagmyer change his ways at the end. Despite following all of Dagmeyr's orders, she is nowhere near as cold-hearted or calculating as him. She is more kind-hearted and would rather not have conflict at all, but her devotion to Dagmeyr thrusts her into the war, even though she knows it's wrong.


Voice credits

  • JAPANESE - Kumiko Yokote (credited as Hyo-sei)
  • ENGLISH - Shelly Calene-Black

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