Earth Defence Force is a United Nations-sponsored military organization.


Head of the Earth Defence Force - Ken Sanada

U. N. Advisor - Akane Yamano (formerly; now homemaker)

Core Robot Pilot (formerly; now combat instructor) - Yayoi Schwael


Three multicolored bipedal machines reverse engineered from Zinv are the backbone of the Earth Defence Force.


Under the command of Ken Sanada dedicated to foiling the Rara Army's plans for world domination. The EDF employs many soldiers, but relies solely upon the three Core Robots in battle.

Combat between the two armies is quite different from normal warfare; Rara informs the public where and when an attack will take place, and the combat zone is evacuated. At any time, either side can submit a "callsign," indicating their surrender. Because of these measures, there have been no casualties in the war.