Doukatchu (動甲冑Dōkatchū?, lit. "Moving Armor")
Suits of Ahou-powered armor that Seikishi-in-training use to train. When it is hit, the site of impact turns red and it affects the armor's movement based on the damage received. They are later modified by Wahanly to run on steam power for a limited time (only 30 minutes), should the cord supplying the Ahou be removed. The modified steam power suits were made to catch Kenshi but later used in the battle for the Holy Land to go behind enemy lines and cut the Ahou-cord power Seikijin to shut them down and they were very effective at doing this. Naua's description of the origins of Seikishin suggests that Doukatchu were either the earliest form of Seikishin, or built to resemble the earliest seikishin.

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