D3 is an inter-dimensional being that supervises 3-dimensional space in the Tenchi Muyo! world, including the universe that the show takes place in.

Little is known about D3 other than that he serves Tokimi, one of the three Chousin. The other two Chousin, Washu and Tsunami also have authority over him as well, as shown in OVA 3.

It is not known to what extent D3 (or the other dimensional stewards) exercises free will, or if he is an automation. When he asks Tokimi "what to do with Dr. Clay," she responds with "I believe this dimension is under your jurisdiction," indicating that he has some authority to regulate without consulting Lady Tokimi.

He doesn't appear to have a direct link with Tokimi, as he speaks with her using normal spoken language.

The 22 Dimensional Supervisors

The 22 Dimensional Stewards.

22 different Dimensional Stewards or "Ds" have been shown in total, with each ruling over an ascending Dimensional space. D4 has jurisdiction over 4-dimensional space, D5 rules over 5-dimensional space, and so onwards.

Voice Actors

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