D, Dee Sanada
D dual parallel adve 12497
Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:) Ai Uchikawa

(English:) Sherry Lynn (credited as Katie Ashley)

Age Unknown/14 years old
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Occupation Core Robot Pilot/High school student
Relatives Dual! series: Mother (Unknown), Father (Unknown), Adpotive Mother Akane Yamano, Adoptive Father Ken Sanada, Adoptive Sister Mitsuki Sanada

D is a main character in "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure." D is a humanoid alien and one of the Core Robot pilots for the Earth Defense Force.


D appears to be as inhuman as the robot she pilots, speaking mechanically and asking many questions about human emotions and behavior due to the fact that her astral self simply possesses a bioroid body. It's later revealed that D stole the original Core Robot, Zinv, and fled her world to escape Kumu, an alien, and the robot Himiko, which claimed the lives of her friends. She was found at the same time as the mysterious alien artifact in the parallel world (World B), and her astral self was then placed into a bioroid by the EDF. The only one to break through her stony exterior is Kazuki Yotsuga, to the shock of Commander Ken Sanada

She develops a strong attachment to Kazuki, culminating in her decision to return to her real body at the climax of the series in order to save him.

D frequently had visions of a horrible creature attacking, and was deathly afraid of Himiko. As a robot pilot, D is subpar, often requiring rescue by Kazuki or Mitsuki. However, she redeems herself after she returns to her real body by removing the limiter placed upon Zinv, allowing its true power to manifest itself with Kazuki as its pilot. When Zinv is destroyed and the two parallel worlds merge, D becomes Dee Sanada, a seemingly normal girl and the adopted daughter of Ken Sanada and Akane Yamano.


  • D bears a striking resemblance to Tenchi Muyo! GXP character Neju Na Melmas, leading some to believe that she and D may belong to the same race or that they are parallel counterparts to each other.
  • D also resembles Doll from the Tenchi Muyo! spin-off, 'Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, which takes place in another parallel reality to the main canon Tenchi Muyo universe.
  • D is also very similar to the Neon Genesis Evangelion series character Rei Ayanami.

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