Shurifon Kingdom (シュリフォン王国Shurifon-Ōkoku?)

The nature-affiliated home of the Dark Elves (ダークエルフDāku Erufu?), who have dark skin, silvery-white hair, and blue eyes much like Aura's. Also like Aura, their personalities shift based on the time of day, which is described by others as their "weak periods" (負の時間Fu no Jikan?).

In Shurifon, there is a rare mushroom that can be sold for a huge fortune (Kenshi found four during the series' run), and it is often used as a gourmet ingredient in the royal courts. Also in Shurifon, there is an event called the Pot-Dish Battle, where the contestants find ingredients to make a dish. The winner is determined by a judge and the person with the most delicious dish wins.

Shurifon was the first of the countries to be destroyed by Dagmeyr's forces. It is later revealed by Naua that Shurifon's people were brought to Geminar by the Senshi Civilization in ancient times to pilot the Seikishin, and their weak periods are actually side effects of trying to adapt to the new world.