Havoniwa (ハヴォニワ国Havoniwa-koku?)
The homeland of Flora, Maria, Yukine, and the Elder and one of the more technologically advanced countries in comparison to the others. In Havoniwa, there is a welcome ceremony in the form of a pillow fight, where the competitors are to pull the sashes off of their opponents' yukata and the last person standing wins. Their main defense is the Meteor Fall (メテオフォールMeteo Fōru?), a floating fortress that drops meteor-sized rocks to destroy their invaders. It is stated in the anime that the main city that was destroyed by Dagmeyr's forces was actually its governing area and there was little to no residents in the area so it was a small loss to Havoniwa. It also has an underground city in case their main city is destroyed. Havoniwa's capital was destroyed by Doll, but its people managed to find refuge in the underground city.

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