The Choubimaru, from GXP

The Choubimaru (がチョビ丸,) is an immensely powerful, massive, entirely spheroid ship that is of the Kuramitsu family. It consists of highly advanced technology and has a very powerful cannon that can destroy the whole planet. It also has a gel-like structure in which the enemy ships will be trapped and stopped by the gel while moving at the speed of light. Despite these great benefits the Choubimaru provides, it was severely overpowered by Ryo-Ohki in her space ship form with Ryoko while on a drunken rage.

It happened when Minami Kuramitsu, at the time the Galaxy Police grand marshall, sent the ship as well as his grandson Misao to Earth to rescue Mihoshi, who he thought was being abused by Tenchi. Along with Mashisu, Misao hoped to invite Tenchi to the ship in a pretext of a celebration, then kill him. However, Mashisu became concerned about the panic the Choubimaru might cause as it approached Earth, so she tried an alternate plan which would have destroyed the large ship, but it quickly fell apart, along with Misao's desire to kill Tenchi.

The Choubimaru would again see action, this time with Mashisu, who had since married Misao, in command. This time, Fuku ran away from the G.P. Academy, taking the Kamidake II with her - along with an asleep Seina. The Kamidake II came under attack by Daluma Guild pirates, which had frightened Fuku at first, but with encouragement from Seina, was able to fight back. The Choubimaru - as well as Ryo-Ohki - then chased-off the Daluma pirates.

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