Ceres Tyte (セレス・タイト Seresu Taito?)


Ceres Tyte

Voiced by: Takayuki Sasada (Japanese), and Josh Grelle (English)

A student at Holy Land Academy in the Holy Land who is in the same class as Kenshi. He is also a Seikishi like Kenshi, but unlike most Seikishi who are born in nobility, he was born into a common family, which is highly unlikely for him. He is in love with a young girl named Hazuki, but because of his Seikishi status, he cannot be seen with her as male Seikishi are forbidden to have relationships with commoners. So with the help of Kenshi he was able to run away with Hazuki - but was found and later forced to kill Kenshi against his will by Lan and the bandits holding Hazuki hostage, using a plan that the Seikishi Cliff came up with to install a bomb on Ceres Seikijin's back to take Kenshi out and Ceres as well and if he did not do it the bandits would kill Hazuki and if he did do it they would release her (but they had plans to sell her after he finished the plan). After the failed attempt, Kenshi and the other saved Hazuki and she and Ceres joined them onboard the Swan following the events of "Barrier Workshop".

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