Babalun Mest
Continuity Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
Voice Actors Japanese: Hiroki Yasumoto
English: R. Bruce Eliott
Nicknames The Chancellor
Age 39 Years Old
Gender Male
Species Human (Geminari)
Occupation Prime Minister
Relatives Ulyte Mest (Younger Brother)
Dagmeyr Mest (Son)

The chancellor (later Prime Minister) of the Shitoreiyu Empire, Dagmeyr's father, Ulyte's older brother, and the main antagonist of the series. He is the one who planned the invasion of the Holy Land so he could obtain the Seikishin Gaia and the Shield of Gaia within. It is later learned by the Church that Babalun wants not only Shitoreiyu and the Holy Land, but Havoniwa, Shurifon, and possibly the entire world of Geminar to himself.

He later merged with Gaia to defeat Kenshi, only to meet his end by him and Ulyte, where it was later revealed that his father put a Core Crystal in his body when he was young.  It's suggested that the Core Crystal within Babalun had been passed through the Mest family for generations, and was the Core Crystal of the Seikishi who had used Gaia to destroy the previous civilization. A fragment of his Core Crystal was soon picked up by Dagmyer following his defeat, which started to glow for a moment.. His personal war vessel is called the Babel (バベル Baberu), named and modeled after the Tower of Babel, with an array of cannons equipped on its hull.

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