Amame Masaki Yotsuga, mother of Emperor Azusa

Amame Yotsuga, formerly Amame Masaki Jurai, is the mother of Azusa Masaki Jurai. She is introduced in the True Tenchi novel "Jurai."


Amame was originally a member of Jurai's Royal Family, apart of House Masaki. On Jurai, she witnesses a young Galaxy Police cadet named Kazuki Yotsuga brawl with a group of drunks who were assaulting a woman. Realizing that this was not the standard test of a GP cadet's strength, she stepped in and rescued him. She then trains him in the Juraian martial arts and falls in love with him. Once his tour of duty is over, she decides to marry him. In order to be allowed to leave with him, she planted her Royal Tree into the soil, cutting it off from Tsunami and signifying the end of her royal status. She then effectively went into exile with Kazuki and they began their lives together in a space colony.

They then had a son, Azusa. When Azusa turned eight, Amame's friend and Jurai's political power Seto Kamiki Jurai arrives and asks for him to be brought back to Jurai; House Masaki was without leadership and Azusa is next in line to lead it. With his parents' blessing, he leaves after being swayed to do so after a pirate attack. It is unknown what happened to them after this, but they are still alive, as they appeared briefly in Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

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