Akane Yamano, Akane Sanada
Akane Yamano
Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:) Yōko Kobayashi

(English:) Barbara Goodson

Age 38 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation U. N. Inspector, Homemaker
Relatives Dual! series: Sister Ayuko Rara, Husband Ken Sanada, daughter Mitsuki Sanada, Adoptive daughter Dee Sanada,

Akane Yamano is a character in "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure." Akane is the Earth Defense Force's United Nations advisor.


Despite Akane's tendency to work "by the book," Commander Sanada and the Kazuki Yotsuga are sometimes able to convince her to defy orders, such as Rara's demand for the EDF to repatriate his daughter. When the EDF is outlawed, she resigns from her post and flees with Ken Sanada and the others.

When Zinv is destroyed and the two parallel worlds worlds merge, Akane becomes Ken's wife, the adoptive mother of D, and (unfortunately for her) the little sister of Ayuko Rara.

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